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Amsterdam, April 2013

We went to Amsterdam for 3 days in April to visit the conference TheNextWeb, so during our free time there was an opportunity to walk around the city and take some shots of people (both locals and tourists), streets and channels 🙂

View from the apartments where we lived:

The same view but in the noon:

Morning before work – everybody read news from their devices and drank coffee 🙂

We were lucky to get such a sunny and warm weather during our trip:

wooden bike near the cafe entrance:

Flea market:

Amsterdam is filled with love to small details. I can’t name it as a sin city as someone thinks, it’s on my top 3 list of favorite cities due to its atmosphere and emotions:)

P.S. Photos from the previous trip to Amsterdam in autumn can be found here: http://obilets.com/2012/10/07/amsterdam-september-2012/

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