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Montenegro, Budva, July 2011

I’ve been on vacation at the end of July in Montenegro, and here you may find the first part of photos from Budva.

It was a dull cloudy day, we just got to the Mogran beach with clean transparent water and beautiful rocks around and luckily there were no people there. Peaceful, calm and amazing scenery:

The weather in Budva is changeable and unpredictable. The sky can be covered with clouds since morning, but they may dissapear all of a sudden in half an hour, and you’ll have a clear sky above. This photo is taken a few minutes before it started to rain heavily:

Photo taken from the same angle in a few minutes later:

I’ve never seen such a sky before and was even skared a bit 🙂

Old town, Budva.

Loved burgers and pancakes in the street fastood restaurants:

I’ll upload photos from Herceg-Novi, Kotor, islands and cruise around Bokokotor Bay, rafting and stunning mountains and lakes very soon, stay tuned 🙂

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